Butter Chicken

Duck Roast

Kathakali is the first south Indian restaurant in Taranaki situated at the heart of New Plymouth… We serve south Indian delicacies in a cool and quiet ambiance. We have got a seating capacity of 75 people.

Our specialty is different types of dosas, ghee and masala dosas are famous enough but our chefs are more creative

They can astonish you with a variety of dosas in veg and non veg, some of the dosas are named as paneer tikka dosa mashroom dosa  chilly palak dosa grilled tomato dosa, tricolor dosas chicken keema dosa,egg dosa and a lot more to name…

Indian food is famous for its richness, our dum biryanis and curries are really delightful, the spicy aroma itself is appetizing, especially south Indian food is lot more spicy and enticing. Welcome all out there to come, enjoy and experience the delicacies of Indian cuisine.


  • Amazing food & great customer care.Next time if anyone thinking of wr to visit wen in New Plymouth...pls add kathakali to ur list.must try thalacherry biriyani.

    Manjusha Rathish
  • I never knew my craving for authentic Kerala cuisine would be satisfied in New Plymouth. Buttery soft Kerala porota and the fish molee are my top picks. Transported me back home! Come to Wellington, won't you?

    Roshni Prabhu
  • Great food, a little slow, but worth the wait. We loved how we had all just finished work and were able to stroll in with no booking. Will be back again, thank you!

    Leah N Avi
  • Fish Biryani
  • Kerala Chicken Roast
  • Lamb Pepper Masala
  • Chicken Stew
  • Curry Leaf Chicken